The Heart Healthy Mediterranean Diet Encourages Longevity

Mediterranean Diet


If you want to live a long and healthy life, you’ve got to take the best care possible of your heart. A heart healthy life must include diet, exercise and mindset. The way of life which encourages ultimate health and well-being is the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The popular, “Mediterranean Diet,” is one of the best known diets to help you lose unwanted pounds and to eat the naturally healthy foods that encourage heart health. That’s because the Med-diet plan focuses on choosing healthy types of fat rather than merely limiting total fat consumption.

Saturated and hydrogenated oils are forbidden on the Mediterranean diet and olive oil is used in recipes as the main source of fat. Olive oil is known to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and “extra virgin” olive oil (recommended on the diet) offers even more benefits to the heart such as antioxidants.

Canola oil and nuts are also on the Med-diet and are beneficial in offering omega-3 fatty acids which lower the risk of blood clots, heart attacks and high blood pressure. They also help lower triglycerides and will benefit the health of your blood vessels. Fish (also on the Med-diet plan) also provide these advantages to your heart.

Besides the diet plan, the Mediterranean lifestyle encourages a laid-back type of life which the healthiest people in the world enjoy. The population in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea live life to the fullest – by tending gardens, exercising every day by walking and enjoying meals with friends and family.

It may be somewhat more difficult to adapt the Med-lifestyle to your own, especially if you live in a big city. But, you can make some small changes in your diet and change your habits so you lean toward a healthier lifestyle.

The “Golden Pyramid,” which is the standard of the Mediterranean diet, contains virtually every type of food you need to live the healthiest life possible. The bottom or base of the pyramid consists of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and other plant-based foods. The next rung on the pyramid is fish and seafood, then eggs, poultry, yogurt and cheese.

The smallest amount is the top of the pyramid and it consists of sweets and red meats. You may still eat this, but in moderation. People are sometimes surprised to know that wine and desserts can be eaten on the Med-diet plan as long as it’s within the guidelines and eaten in moderation.

The Mediterranean lifestyle and diet is a delicious and healthy way to live your life. You’ll feel, better, have more mental acuity and keep your heart ticking healthy for a long time.

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