7 Ways To Crush Those Sweet Tooth Cravings

Sweet Tooth Sugar Cravings

The dreaded sweet tooth, it’s one of the most difficult challenges to deal with when you’re trying to lose weight. The problem is sugar is truly addictive, and the more you eat the more you want. Part of that has to do with the fact that sugar makes us feel good because it activates pleasure centers in the brain and induces the production of endorphins and serotonin. Here are some helpful tips to help you combat those annoying sugar cravings and get them under control.

One: Swap Out The Bad For The Good

Fruit is a great thing to grab when you are having a hankering for something sweet. Fruit is full of natural sugars and it is good for you. The body and mind cannot differentiate where sugar comes from; it only knows that you are eating something sweet, and along with being a sweet option that will have you staving off the cake and cookie cravings, fruit offers you many nutrients as well.

Two: Protein Is Your Friend

Eating protein, especially in the morning will help curb your sweet tooth during the rest of the day. Protein helps you feel full, and staves off hunger.

Three: Don’t Skip Meals

Going hungry is the worst thing you can do, both for weight loss and for controlling the sweet tooth. Skipping meals might seem like a good idea at the time, but in the end, it just leads you to crave those fast sugars like candy and pastries. Make sure you are eating well-balanced healthy meals and opting for healthy snacks like nuts or veggies.

Four: Work Through Your Cravings

Working out releases endorphins as well, and if you can swap the bad habit of reaching for a candy bar for doing crunches or curls you’ll be helping yourself in two powerful ways. Another option is to take a short walk every time you feel yourself starting to crave something sweet to eat; the fresh air and change of scenery will help you fight off your craving.

Five: Get Enough Rest

We all know sleep is important but what you might not know is that not getting enough sleep actually drops the level of hormones that keep you feeling satiated, which will lead to heavy sugar cravings. Getting enough sleep helps your body to properly balance hormones and makes sure you aren’t reaching for a sugary snack for the energy boost you need.

Six: Stress And Emotional Eating

Because sugars make you feel good it’s easy to turn to them when you’re upset. One way to combat this is to deal with what is really bothering you. De-stress your life and learn healthier habits to deal with the stress you can’t. Yoga and meditation can help lower stress levels and calm you down. The most important part is to identify when you are reaching for something to eat because you are hungry and when you are doing it because you are upset. Learning to get in touch with your real needs and how to deal with emotions can go a long way to better health, healthy weight management, and dealing with sweet tooth cravings that can hinder both.

Seven: Reward Yourself In Different Ways

Instead of using that piece of chocolate cake as a reward, try treating yourself to a spa day or a manicure instead. Positive reinforcement is a great way to keep your diet plans on track. One good method is to create a list or cards filled with small and large rewards to help you stave off the sweet tooth. Simple things like taking time to play with the dog, or watch an episode of your favorite television show, a new outfit, or an evening at the movies can help you feel better without adding inches to your waist.

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